Cindy Totally Tortured

Idő: 13:00
Előadók: Cindy Shine Tickler
Kulcsszavak: mf armpit-tickling forced-orgasm bare-feet naked tickle-feet high-heel vibrator

I have been wanting to tickle Cindy Shine myself for some time, but she has always talked her way out of it. Well today she finally agrees and she is nervous for good reason. She agreed to do a forced orgasm thinking it would be all cumming and little tickling. I know all of her spots, even a few spots that nobody has really taken advantage of before. Not many models can take abuse like Cindy but I know I am going to make her submit to me. She has no idea that the wand is going to tickle her so damn, quite frankly I was very surprised and pleased! I tease and taunt her and progressively make the tickling and teasing more intense, even including forced orgasm just so I can tickle her through it. She is going to suffer, it will seem endless , she will cum more than she ever has and beg like she never has for the vibrating and tickling to stop. Of course each orgasm is followed by tickling, upper body and feet.

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