Crazy Ticklish Hell

Time: 10:00
Performers: Teressa Bizare Tickler
Keywords: mf rack armpit-tickling topless bare-feet tickle-feet hairbrush bondage naked

Teressa Bizare is bound on the rack. A crazy ticklish hell, how about allow the Tickler over 10 minutes with her!!!! She is stretched on the rack, completely immobile, both her upper body and soft bare soles primed and ready for tickling, left completely at the hands of an angry Mr.Tickler. Attacking her under arms and soft sides he gains some fantastic reactions. He shows no mercy and soon has Teressa laughing uncontrollably. As the tickler is in such a devious mood he doesn't relent on his sexy victim, he simply turns her over, gag her and carries on his ticklish assault! Poor Teressa! Don't miss this hot brunette tickled out of her mind by the expert Mr.Tickler!

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