Extra Ticklish Alex

Time: 10:24
Performers: Alex Tickler
Keywords: captain hairbrush bound-toes oiled gagged mf

Mr. tickler is hungry and new device is ready! Poor Alex doesn’t know what she’s in for. He wastes no time… He strikes on her upper body first, his nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently and he shows no mercy on the hot brunette, soon her sweet laughter fills the room. He taunts and teases his ticklish victim and every touch sends a tickling sensation through her hot body. Then is time on her feet, so he removes her sexy high heels and starts to work over her soft soles. She laughs and fights like crazy, The tickler to tie her toes to immobilize her feet! Once he’s exhausted her feet with his nimble fingers he’s got one last party piece left for her poor feet and that’s the dreaded hairbrush!! He explore every inch of ticklish bare feet! The tickler has had enough of her begging and asking for the tickling to stop, that he introduces her to a nice ball gag! This muffles Alex’s cries and sweet laughter and allows the tickler to keep up her ticklish assault with remorse. By the end of the clip Alex is well and truly tickled out and exhausted.

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