Extremely Ticklish

Time: 13:00
Performers: Teressa Bizare Naomi Bennet
Keywords: captain bare-feet armpit tickle-feet armpit-tickling hairbrush topless

Teressa is a sweet young girl and is an absolute pleasure to tickle. Naomi Bennet has Teressa bound in the device captain, she is completely vunerable to Naomi's ticklish attack. She wastes no time, her nimble fingers soon spring into action, and in a matter of seconds she has poor Teressa laughing sweetly as she mercilessly tickles her upper body, soft underarms and ticklish sides. Once Naomi is satisfied with her work on Teressa's upper body she moves down to her pretty little feet. She tickles her cute little bare feet and tickling them relentlessly. Nimble fingers glide over Teressa's feet with ease and her sweet laughter echo's through the room! Poor Teressa stands no chance and she begs for the tickling to stop, but Naomi pays no attention and simply ignores her cries. Don't miss sexy tickler Naomi and her slave Teressa tickled out of her mind.

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