First Ticklish Punishment

Time: 10:00
Performers: Tickler Florance Russel
Keywords: devil mf bare iron-nails pinwheel blonde tickle-torture extreme-ticklish high-heel stinky

We introduce to you the sexy blonde Florance. He starts off the tickle assault slowly, tickling Florance's upper body, under arms and sides, she is face down and cannot see where ticklers nimble fingers strike next which enhances the tickling sensations. Tickler slowly up his game and his fingers dance all over her defenseless body, they tickle all the way down her legs, and then tickle her sexy high heels off, before they get to work properly on her vunerable barefeet. Tickler pulls out his old favourite tool the iron nails, and uses some nice nails work on Florance's sexy soles, this drives her crazy and she desperately tries to move her feet away, but they are bound and she has no chances, all she can do is make a sweet laughter. Florance fight like crazy and device Devil is put to the test, but it has no worries. Tickler oils up both of Florance's barefeet, and tickles them like mad, before finishing the ticklish ordeal with some more work with the pinwheel. Florance is exhausted and glad when tickling end! Dont miss this hot 10 minute long tickling clip with sexy Florance and the tickler, on the device Devil! We hope everyone like it!

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