Four Hands Tickle Andy

Čas: 12:00
Účinkujúci: Andy Daniela Katy Pearl
Kľúčové slová: rack fff tickle-feet armpit-tickling bare-feet short-jeans blondes

Andy finds herself in a new tickling predicament, you remember last time her hot feet we're left at the hands of the tickler? Andy is bound on the Rack. Well this time her whole body is left at the hands of not one, but two ticklers! She is ready for tickling, today she will face tickler Daniela and Katy Pearl. The two ticklers soon get to work on poor Andy, they work like tickling pro's, as a tag team, evoking some great reactions from there ticklish victim. Andy fights hard, she kicks and bucks like crazy, but in reality she has no chance to defend herself from the tickling, all she can do is accept it and laugh sweetly! Don't miss this hot blonde girl tickled once more!

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