Gagged and Tickled Lili Parker

समय: 11:00
कलाकारों: Lili Parker Tickler
कीवर्ड: devil gagged bare-feet tickle-feet armpit-tickling blonde bondage hairbrush gag-tickling

Hot Lili Parker arrives home from work, she's had a busy day and just simply wants to rest, but unfortunately for her we have different idea's... very different idea's! As at home Mr.Tickler is waiting for her and soon he spots his opportunity and has her bound in the device Devil. Mr. Tickler is a tickling machine, and there's nothing he likes more than a hot ticklish girl! He gags poor Lili and starts to work on her ticklish upper body, his nimble fingers show no mercy and soon Lili is fighting hard and begging for the tickling to stop! Of course the tickler ignores her cries and carries on with his ticklish assault. After exhausting her upper body he moves on to her soft wrinkled soles, he ties her toes to gain maximum ticklish effect and goes to work. For over eleven minutes the tickler tickle tortures every inch of the hot blonde, Lili is vunerable and has no answers to the ticklers touch, all she can do is laugh and accept the tickling. Mr.Tickler teases, taunts and gloats to poor Lili as every second of her sweet ticklish laughter is music to his ears! Don't miss this hot blonde destroyed by Mr.Tickler!

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