Gagged, tickled and tied toes Frida

Time: 6:46
Performers: Frida Tickler
Keywords: knight gagged blindfold-eyes-gag-mask topless hairbrush tickle-pencil bound-toes mf

Hot brunette Frida has been kidnapped for tickling, stripped down and bound on the knight - she’s about to enter her ticklish hell! Mr.Tickler gags poor Frida in a bid to keep her quiet… Unfortunately for poor Frida Mr.Tickler only has one target in mind… her delicious soft, sensitive bare feet! Switching between his tickling fingers, hairbrush and tickle pencil he expertly tickles every inch of her soft soles. Just a few minutes into the tickling and Frida is already begging for mercy and of course laughing and fighting like crazy. Starting on her upper body, his nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently as he tickles, teases and titillates every inch of her soft sides and ticklish underarms. Don’t miss Frida in ticklish hell, tickled out of her mind in this latest tickling submission masterpiece!

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