Girl's gang tickle Antonia Sainz

Time: 9:00
Performers: Antonia Sainz Caroline Foxy Sanie Yenna
Keywords: devil ffff brunette nylon-tickling pantyhose gang feathers armpit-tickling tickle-feet

Antonia Sainz is a girl to tickling, so we say to her we give her a small tickle introduction. Well as you know we don't believe in small introductions, we threw her right in at the deep end! We put her in the device Devil and let tickle gang, led by tickler Foxy Sanie, with Yenna and Carolina for company do there ticklish worst. The girls get to work instantly and start to tickle, two of them take on her vulnerable upper body, while one of them enjoys her feet clad in nylon. Expert tickler Yenna soon take control and show the other ticklers the way, she move Antonia's top and expose her ticklish stomach, as the tickling fingers dance on her soft skin so make a sweet laughter and fight hard. The girls work well and make sure they all get to enjoy poor Antonia's under arms, stomach, sides and feet taking turns on each point. Towards the end of the clip Antonia gets it really bad, as one point all three girls tickle her like crazy on her upper body, three pairs of nimble fingers work hard! Antonia laugh sweetly and fight hard, but she has no chance to defend herself from the organized tickle gang.

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