Girl's Gang Tickle Antonia Sainz 2

Time: 9:00
Performers: Antonia Sainz Caroline Foxy Sanie Yenna
Keywords: devil bare-feet armpit-tickling gang ffff

Antonia is back in tickling action! This time she is bound in the device the devil; her hot body is completely immobile, naked and ready for tickling! Today she will face ticklers, Caroline, Yenna and Foxy ready to work there tickling magic! The girls soon start the tickling first of all attacking her upper body, there nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently and soon they have Antonia laughing sweetly and fighting hard! Once the girls have worked her upper body they decide to target her pretty bare feet, there long nails glide down her extra soft soles and there fingers titillate in between her pretty painted toes. Antonia fights hard to avoid there ticklish attack, but being completely bound and with three pairs of tickling hands she has no chance. Don't miss this hot, naked brunette and tickled without mercy at tickling submission!

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