Girl's Gang Tickle Yenna Black

Time: 11:06
Performers: Antonia Sainz Foxy Sanie Yenna Black
Keywords: devil fff brunette bare-feet tickle-feet armpit-tickling high-heels hairbrush feathers tickle-torture bondage

Oh dear... it's not good news for tickle model Yenna Black! In this the tickling party Yenna is bound on the device Devil, she is wearing a sexy dress and her feet are in high heels... she is tickled all over! Basically in this clip she is a ticklish toy for the tickling duo and... she is tickled all over!!!! Imagine tickler Antonia Sainz and Foxy Sanie together, that's one hell of a tickle tag team. They methodically take turns, each making sure they get a turn tickling a different part of her body, they work like a well-oiled machine and with every ticklish touch come waves of sweet laughter. The ticklers enjoy her ticklish body for over 11 minutes, they explore all over her upper body, soft under arms and ticklish sides and of course every inch of her ticklish feet. Don't miss this sexy girl tickled hard by duo equally sexy ticklers!

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