Hysterically Ticklish!

Время: 9:00
Исполнители: Katy Pearl Andy Daniela
Ключевые слова: pirat fff nylon-tickling tickle-feet armpit-tickling lingerie gagged blonde high-heels ribs gag-tickling

Katy Pearl is the next girl to experience the device Pirat. She will not only get to know what one pair of tickling hands is like, but in-fact two! Stretched tight, with only the sexy lingerie and black nylon is extremely vulnerable. The two tickle-hungry girls explore all over her stunning body, tickling her beautifully ticklish armpits, ribs and belly. Once they are satisfied with the work on her upper body, of course they move onto her long tanned legs and super soft feet in nylon! They work quickly and efficiently and by the end of the clip Katy Pearl is totally exhausted and all tickled out. Don't miss this ticklee in ticklish action!

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