Mr. Tickler Tortures Daniela

Time: 11:00
Performers: Daniela Tickler
Keywords: devil mf tickle-torture tickle-feet armpit-tickling bare-feet iron-nails brunette sole

Mr. Tickler has Daniela bound securely in the device the captain, with her body and feet totally bound and venerable, ready for tickling. He wastes no time and soon starts his ticklish assault. He slips off her feet and sets his fingers to work, he starts off on her bare soles and her sweet laugher soon fills the room. Once he's finished working her sweet bare feet, he makes a start on her upper body. His nimble fingers work quickly and efficiently and he soon has her in fits of sweet laughter, constantly teasing as he tickles, poor Daniela soon realizes today's she's in ticklish trouble! After playing with her upper body Mr. Tickler then re-visits her feet and exposing her soft soles up. Daniela begs for it to stop, but the Mr. Tickler ignores her cries, teasing and telling her she just has to face it! As he's feeling extra devious he introduces her feet to the iron nails, which evokes some explosive reactions! Don't miss this hot brunette absolutely destroyed by the tickling master in this latest tickling submission clip!

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