Ticking For Money

Ώρα: 16:00
Καλλιτέχνες: Ember Tickler
Λέξεις-κλειδιά: captain mf barefeet tickle-feet armpit-tickling iron-nails ribs tickle-torture tears

Ember is bound on the Captain and presented to Mr. Tickler! He wants to have some fun with her, he wants to tickle her out of her mind! The tickler wastes no time, his nimble fingers are set to work and he soon has Ember laughing sweetly. He works his tickling fingers over her upper body, gaining some excellent reactions from her soft underarms, belly and ticklish sides. Once Mr. Tickler feels satisfied with his work he decides it's time to test how ticklish Ember's feet are! He works over her feet and his fingers are nimble and he carries on his ticklish assault. Ember laughs loud, fights hard and begs for the tickling to stop, but of course tickler ignores her cries. Don't miss this hot redhead destroyed by Mr. Tickler!

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