Tickle Torture Lucia Denvile

Tid: 9:00
Artister: Lucia Denvile Caroline
Nyckelord: devil bare-feet armpit-tickling hairbrush brunette tits

Poor Luca is completely vulnerable to whatever tickle-torture. Caroline is soon in action and her nimble fingers work over her upper body, tickling and teasing her soft under arms and ticklish sides. Very fights hard and just wants the tickling to stop, but she has no chance, Caroline's only just getting started! Once she has exhausted Lucia's upper body she moves on to her delicious bare feet, which are soft, smooth and super ticklish! Her nimble fingers soon show Lucia's ticklish soles just who's boss. The hairbrush really punish her ticklish soles and ensure that every drop of laughter is extracted from her ticklish body. Don't miss sexy brunette Lucia denvile!

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