Tickling To The Trance

Time: 11:06
Performers: Tickler Teressa Bizare
Keywords: devil armpit bare-feet mf high-heels

It's another lucky week for Mr.Tickler. Who is his poor victim this week? It's cute Teressa Bizare. Unfortunately for Teressa Mr.Tickler likes a hot girl, with ticklish body and feet! This little beauty are going to receive the ticklers full tickling attention! .....within a matter of seconds her shoes are off and his nimble fingers are working expertly over her soft soles. Soon Mr.Tickler has Teressa laughing uncontrollably, examining every inch of her pretty body and feet with his tickling fingers, he shows no mercy. It's a vicious circle for poor Teressa, as the more she is tickled, the more she laughs, yet the more she laughs the more she is tickled... After a good thirteen minutes of thorough tickling she is completely tickled out, she fights hard, in vain, throughout the whole clip and is exhausted, she's extremely glad when the tickling ends! If you like tiny ticklish girl be sure not to miss this latest videos!

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