Two Brutal Ticklers 2

Time: 8:00
Performers: Yenna Black Caroline Antonia Sainz
Keywords: captain bare-feet armpit-tickling tickle-feet tickle-torture hairbrush brunette topless

To really test Yenna's ticklishness we think the device Captain is perfect for the job, as it leaves her whole body completely venerable to the two ticklers! Not only Antonia but her cheeky friend Carolina also wants in on some of the action! The ticklers waste no time in there ticklish assault, they start by warming her up, going straight in on her bare soles and armpits. They turn there attentions to her upper body... and its simple... they tickle her like she's never been tickled before! For extra effect and to show they mean business, the two ticklers bound Libana's pretty toes, making sure they are completely immobile and in the perfect position for tickling. There nimble fingers work quickly and produce some great ticklish reactions and sweet laughter. Don't miss this brand new tickling submission clip, with over nine minutes of hot girl on girl tickling action!

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Windows Media HD 1280x720 (wmv)

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