Two Girls Tickle Naomi Bennet

Time: 10:00
Performers: Naomi Bennet Caroline
Keywords: devil bare-feet armpit-tickling gang fff hairbrush brunette high-heels

Naomi Bennet is one sexy, small ticklish pocket rocket! She's certainly one of the most fun girls to tickle, so you can imagine when she returned to tickling submission there was a whole host of ticklers wanting to tickle her! Of course, you can guess the first two names on this list were Teressa and Caroline!!! The ultimate tickle tag team! The ticklish duo soon get to work, and soon they have poor Naomi in fits of laughter, there tickling hands explore all over her hot body and feet. This tickle team are extremely devious and tickle poor Naomi out of her mind, they all take there turns tickling different parts of her body and they show no mercy! The more Naomi laughs and the more she fights the tickling, the more the ticklers tickle, even the camera man has a cheeky tickle of her bare feet meaning that at one moment of the film there are five hands tickling her tight body! The sound of Naomi's laughter is music to the tickle teams ears and none of them want to stop the ticklish assault! Don't miss this ticklish beauty back in action!

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